My Interview with Rose Montague

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Please welcome ROSE MONTAGUE, author of JADE

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Tell us a bit about yourself and what you are currently working on or promoting.

My name is Rose Montague and I am the author of the urban fantasy book, Jade.  My goal in writing Jade was to have fun writing a fun book to read.  There is a lot of mystery and humor in Jade with many surprises, non-stop action, and just a little bit of romance.  Jade is the main character and she is the mutt of the supernatural world, a mix of various supernatural creatures with various abilities.  How Jade became that way is part of the mystery.  The series will continue with two of the other main characters in the book, Jane and Jill.  The target date for publication of Jane is late summer 2014I have been very pleased with the reviews of Jade and the book has been enjoyed by both fans of the urban fantasy genre as well as readers of fiction that enjoy a fun read.  Jade is suitable for older teens and adults and I would rate it PG-13.


Do you have an agent and/or publisher, or are you self-published?

Jade is my first book and I was fortunate to find a publisher (Eternal Press) that offered me a contract. I went through a series of eight rejections before Jade was accepted for publication.


How many revisions do you make to something before it sees the light of day?

I try to edit as I go along and I have a few friends and beta readers that offered me advice and encouragement along the way.  Each time I got a rejection I would tweak the book a little more, taking rejection as a challenge.


Who are some of your favorite authors?

I have always been a big reader and urban fantasy is my favorite genre.  Some of my favorite authors are Faith Hunter, Ilona Andrews, Jim Butcher, and Darynda Jones.


Tell us a little bit about your writing process.

I have a bad back that usually gets me out of bed in the wee hours of the morning and most of Jade was written between the hours of four and six AM.  Coffee and quiet time are my writing friends.  I set a goal of one thousand words on a daily basis, sometimes hitting and exceeding that goal and sometimes not.  I use a brief outline, about one page in length.  For my first book I had the ending written and it was just a matter of getting there and letting the story tell itself until the final pages.  I want readers to know that although Jade is just a lot of fun there are several important themes in the book, the main one being friendship.  I think most readers will come away with a good feeling and wanting more after finishing the book.


What else would you like to tell us about your writing?

I had been contributing on several blogs and discussion boards for several years before writing my first novel.  I estimated at one point I had written in the neighborhood of a million words over a three year period, without really trying.  I told myself if I could do that, writing a novel should be a piece of cake.  Of course, it is not as easy writing a book as it is a comment or a post/article about a non-fiction topic.


What advice would you give to an aspiring writer?

Writing takes some degree of discipline and it is easy to fall into a rut of procrastination and writers block.  I needed to remind myself on several occasions that not only is reading fun, so is writing.  My best advice for a new author is just sit down and start typing when you hit a rough spot.  Let your words inspire you to continue.

And of course I was surprised to find out that writing a book is just half of what it takes to be an author.  Once the book is written and published an author has another task ahead, that of promotion and marketing.  There is so much competition it is just not a matter of throwing the book out there, it is necessary to let people know about your book and to encourage them to buy it.  The chances of someone just stumbling on your book and buying it just based on chance are very slim, especially for a new author that has not developed a base of fans.  Then there is the time factor involved in promoting your first book while writing your second.  It is hard to find a good balance between these two tasks, you want your book to be a hit and at the same time you want to hurry up and get the next one done.


Jade is available for purchase at the following links…


Eternal Press




Thank you ROSE MONTAGUE for sharing your time with us. I wish you all the best with your writing. Please keep us posted on the latest developments.


About JADE

Jade is a little bit shifter, a little bit witch, a little bit Fae, a little bit vamp, and a whole lot of fun. Jade has arranged things so she is partnered with a shifter bear as police detectives on a big case involving vamps killing humans. There is some mystery to the book and many surprises. Jade’s origins, where she came from and why she is here are revealed along the way. A lot of humor , action, and fun involving a visit to Faerie, assassination attempts, adventures in driving, a magical dagger, and a little romance happen along the way. By the end, much of the mystery and her beast is revealed, and her origins and background are explained. All of this with a good deal of humor and some real shockers along the way.



–What does a part Witch-Fae-Shifter-Vamp girl eat? Unfortunately the answer is not anything she wants. I had found the few things that didn’t make me violently ill were red meat, red wine, dark coffee, and dark chocolate. Blood would do in a pinch. My metabolism requires a lot of input and it let me know when that input was needed.


–I held the dagger up and the light of heaven shone forth, brilliant, seeking every shadow and filling it with that light. Other than Emily, the rest had turned their eyes away from it. She was stronger in her magic and I could tell she was fascinated by the dagger. I withdrew my dagger from my right boot sheath, a close copy I had found, very similar in design and replaced it in my boot sheath with the Sicam Tenebrarum.


–“Nice tattoo,” he said, I looked at my arm and in the same place where the little dragon had been when I went to London Jane’s party, was now a pentagram tattoo, perfectly formed. Looking at the TV again and smiling he asked, “Your doing?”

“Maybe so,” I said, smiling as he pushed buttons on the remote, to no avail.

“Mayberry will just have to do,” he replied, setting the remote back down on the bar.


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